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Summer Explorations

  • Posted on August 31, 2014 at 2:40 pm

Spiral Inspiration

I’ve been pretty busy living weekend to weekend all summer.  It’s been difficult to squeeze in a post or two and continue to work my day job with so much going on every weekend.  That being said, I just had to share my experience with the debut show of Quilt, Knit, Stitch in Portland this August.

John reluctantly attended the show with me on Saturday, August 16th, the last day.  We figured we’d spend a couple hours at the show, but were so surprised to see that it was much more than advertised or expected.  We got there just before noon and were taken back by the extensive exhibits alone. In this post I’ll share a few of the quilts that spoke to me.  So glad that John accompanied me to take these photos with his phone as I didn’t anticipate the photo opportunity.

If you’ve read previous posts you know that spirals are a source of inspiration for me.  Hence, the quilt shown above really called to me.  I admired the artist’s interpretation of the spiral form.

Feeling Good.

This quilt reminded me of dancers letting go and enjoying their craft.  The free, flexible form is what I hope to capture in my creative works.

Working It.

I loved the depth of this quilt.  The artist knew how to use the gradation characteristics of the fabric to work the magic here.

Hope you enjoyed this post and can catch this show when it comes around to you.  I’ll have more on the other elements of the exhibits in a future post.


Acting Out

  • Posted on April 27, 2014 at 7:28 pm


So here I am at the end of April. Many thoughts have been going through my head as I’ve been overwhelmed with one thing or another. The artist within me hasn’t been out much lately.

Dramatic change is like acting out. Both require action. So get ready folks, I will be spending more time exercising my creative genius. Behold, I will take action right away, growing up to be who I am. No more excuses and time being wasted on negativity. I’m acting out.

Thought I’d share these adorable bunnies that I made last week with you. They brought a smile to my face while I worked on them. Special thanks to the Sewing Loft for the free pattern that I modified to create these cuties.


What action have you taken to free your creativity? Please comment if you’d like to share.