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Meet the Artist

Karen D Kraus

Karen D Kraus
Moonspun Designs came into being in 1994, with the inspiration of fiber artist Karen D. Kraus. Karen has been involved with needle and thread since she was five. She attributes this to a love of fiber, texture, and color. Mostly self taught, she has explored needlework in its various forms and become proficient in several. The traditional hand techniques and the lavish embellishment of the Victorian era particularly fascinate her. Her designs focus on these techniques in contemporary applications.

“It is essential for me to look at the past in order to understand who and where I am. I feel a particular connection in exploring history through vintage textiles and needlework. This hands-on experience speaks to me like no other language. Through the design process, I can share this treasury of experience and encourage the preservation of vintage techniques that might otherwise be forgotten.”

Karen is a member of the Portland Bead Society. She teaches needlework locally and longs to teach on a grander scale, finding the teacher-student relationship very rewarding. She also accepts consignment work in her areas of expertise. Karen welcomes any communication in regards to needlework. Feel free to contact her by e-mail.

On a personal note, Karen resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband and life partner, John, and house felines…Quincy, Zoey, Ringo, Kaos and Mischief.