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Acting Out

  • Posted on April 27, 2014 at 7:28 pm


So here I am at the end of April. Many thoughts have been going through my head as I’ve been overwhelmed with one thing or another. The artist within me hasn’t been out much lately.

Dramatic change is like acting out. Both require action. So get ready folks, I will be spending more time exercising my creative genius. Behold, I will take action right away, growing up to be who I am. No more excuses and time being wasted on negativity. I’m acting out.

Thought I’d share these adorable bunnies that I made last week with you. They brought a smile to my face while I worked on them. Special thanks to the Sewing Loft for the free pattern that I modified to create these cuties.


What action have you taken to free your creativity? Please comment if you’d like to share.