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Winter White Solstice

  • Posted on December 30, 2013 at 12:33 am


Postponing the inevitable, I was  once again down to the wire to meet commitments.  I promised myself when my first grandchild was born to complete a Christmas ornament for each year until they were an adult at eighteen years of age.  Well it’s been working great and has been loads of fun until the arrival of two new grandsons this year.  I had to focus and cram the development of three new ornaments this year into a one day timeframe of Saturday, December 14th…oh yeah, that’s my first grandson’s eighth birthday.

Life is great though…nothing quite like the sight and feel of grandchildren. The circle we call life continues with their birth into this world, whatever that may bring.  I acknowledge my treasures and good fortune each time I have the opportunity to see the future in their eyes, much like I did when my own children were young.

Isn’t that what the winter solstice celebrates?  New life and new beginnings. The dramatic changes from darkness to light.   I created a new design to honor this change in perspective. It will be my gift to you, the fans of Moonspun Designs, shortly after the new year begins.

For now, I encourage you to enjoy thoughtful reflection of 2013’s passing and the the onset of the new year, 2014. I am grateful for this past year full of many joyful moments and looking forward to next year’s enchantment.

– Karen

Stepping Out

  • Posted on December 13, 2013 at 8:36 pm


Time…everything takes time and every dream has its time. I’ve held a dream with many false starts and high hopes. Now, finally, the realization came to me. My dream is a journey.

I love to travel, changing scenery as I please. Why has it taken so long to explore my dream? Life crept in and took it from me. Sad to say, but I made a choice to allow it. NO MORE! The time has come to step out on my own artistic wanderings. Join me as I journey through inspiration, mishaps, old stuff and new things?  I invite you to walk (or stumble) with me along this undetermined path.  Let’s make it fun and interesting.

Welcome to the rejuvenated Moonspun Designs! Enjoy traveling through our new website. So glad you’re here.

– Karen